Fix canon pixma orange and yellow light flashing

Canon has been providing excellent products to society for several decades now to enhance picture quality experiences. It launched a series of printers that evolved the way of print outputs leading to a new-age customer utility with Canon Pixma. The name was given keeping in mind the technological advancements. PI is for the highest image quality, MA is for the fastest output, and X was used as a symbol to depict a connection between the input and output of the printers. With a series of great inkjet printers that includes Canon Pixma Pro 100 and Canon Pixma MG2520 Printers, users have been reporting about Canon Pixma orange and yellow light flashing. Here, in this read, you’ll understand the problem and find ways to resolve the issue.

canon pixma orange light flashing

Canon printer alarm light stays on

There is a reason for this kind of problem to occur- Canon printer in error state. The company stated that the number of flashes can easily be used to identify the problem and fix it accordingly. You’ll have two conditions that indicate problems with your printers- Canon printer orange and yellow light flashing, and both green and yellow light is flashing. For the latter, you can just unplug your printer and reboot it. But for the former, let’s see how counting the flashes can help:

  • Two- Out of paper
  • Three- Paper jams
  • Four- Out of Ink or Ink tank problems
  • Five- Issues with the print head
  • Six- Paperless Manual Feed Slot
  • Seven- Incorrect ink tank installation
  • Eight- Full ink absorber
  • Ten- Cassette installation/ duplex printing issues
  • Eleven- Print head alignment and paper settings
  • Twelve- Ink tank replacements
  • Fourteen and Fifteen- Unrecognized ink tank
  • Sixteen- Clear ink/ink tank issues
  • Seventeen and Eighteen- Ink out condition

Resolutions to undertake

For all the causes of the Canon Pixma orange and yellow light flashing issue, there is one result that users get to experience- Canon printer not printing. Canon Pixma Pro 100, and Canon Pixma MG2520 Printers has been hugely known for better print experiences but aren’t immune to encountering these issues. Let’s see how you fix it:

  • Two- Reload the paper tray and hit on the Resume/Cancel key.
  • Three- Open the front tray but if it doesn’t work, empty the paper tray and hit on Resume/Cancel key.
  • Four- Install the ink tank properly, replace the ink tank, or resume the printing and then do it.
  • Five- Follow the Manual instructions and install a proper print head.
  • Six- Reload paper in the Manual Feed Slot and hit the Resume/Cancel button.
  • Seven- Ensure a proper installation or replace the ink tanks.
  • Eight- Hit the Resume/Cancel key and get in touch with the service center.
  • Ten- Install proper Cassette, or adjust the correct paper size in the settings.
  • Eleven- Start with the Resume/Cancel button, print the nozzle check pattern, load plain A4 sheets in the Cassette, or adjust the environment of operation.
  • Twelve- Go for the Resume/Cancel button.
  • Fourteen and Fifteen- Install the best-suited ink tank or replace the ink tank.
  • Sixteen- Install or replace the clear ink tank properly.
  • Seventeen and Eighteen- Stop the printing, replace your ink tank, resume the printing jobs.

Note: All of these resolutions will help you get your Canon Pixma orange and yellow light flashing to stop, which means your printer problems have finally been fixed.


Canon printers aim for advanced experiences and maximum customer utility with high-resolution print outputs. With Canon Pixma, the brand took its image and products to an entirely new level of technological advancements. From the above read, you understood why a series of Canon printers are named Canon Pixma, the very common problem that users face- Canon Pixma orange and yellow light flashing, the indications by the number of light flashes, and the ways you can undergo to fic these problems and continue to have an amazing print experience.

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