How to fix b200 error on my canon printer?

This is really a frustrating situation when you need to print some important document and there is an error on-screen saying canon printer error b200. One of the most reoccurring errors in canon printer error b200 that can indicate potential issues in the device. The Printers are the expensive devices and there are few methods by which you can try to fix such errors before you think of purchasing a new one.

canon printer error b200

What does error code b200 mean on a canon printer?

It is of the most basic level, the canon printer with error code b200 indicates that there is a faulty print head. A print head is nothing but it is that part which distributes the ink from the cartridges on the paper that means its one of the most important aspect of the Printing machine. Print heads are generally known to be very problematic when it comes to cheap printers and their work.

How to perform canon printer b200 error reset process?

There are many ways by which you can fix the faulty print head and eliminate canon printer error b200. Just try some of them from below before you replace the complete device:

  1. Try to reset the Canon printer: Just unplug it and leave the printer disconnected for a span of 30 minutes. Along reset will allow the user to print and cool down and also by restoring everything back in the position.
  2. You can try to remove and obstructions: there is a very high possibility that something is interrupting the connection to the print head. Just open the printer’s door and then disconnect the printer that fixes your issue.
  3. Remember, there is a lever on the printer head, you need to press the lever to remove the printer head.
  4. Just clean or wipe gently the printer’s head.
  5. You can try to remove the old ink.
  6. Now, try to re-install the printer drivers.
  7. Simply try to install a new ink cartridge in the printer.

Point to remember: It is possible to find the part that you wish to install on the printer, it is very important to understand that the cost if the new print head is just about the same as purchasing a new printer, so you need to make a wise decision.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

In the end, the steps in this article will help you to fix canon printer b200 error 5 cartridges, however, if you still have canon printer error b200 visible on-screen then we strongly recommend to visit the official Canon printer support page where you will find the assistants and technicians available to assist you with a best possible solution to fix your issues in no time.

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