Fix another computer is using the printer

Sometimes, while using your canon printer or printer from any other brand, you might come across a situation when your screen says that another computer is using the canon printer. Users get confused when something of this sort happens with them. This is because they do not what this message means and also what should they do to get rid of it. So, if you are also one of the users who are facing this troublesome situation, then continue reading this informative article further.

another computer is using the printer

What does it mean when it says another computer is using the printer?

When this message appears on your screen, this usually means that the printer is performing another operation. In simpler terms, we can say that another task is given to the printer may be by another computer or by the same computer itself. The following status is the usage status of that computer.

“Another computer is using the printer”

But, in case, there is no additional device to give commands to the printer or you are the sole operator of that printer, then it could be happening because of the technical glitches. This problem is not device-specific or printer-specific. It could occur on Windows 10 as well as other operating systems. To get rid of the issue, you may follow the solutions given below.

Solution 1: Reset the Print Spooler Service

The spooler service is a program that makes sure that all the print jobs are being managed properly or not. In simpler terms, we can say that it is responsible for managing all the print-related tasks which are sent to the computer. This service is displayed on the screen so that users can cancel the print jobs when it is processed.

  1. Begin by pressing the Windows + R keys to launch the Run application.
  2. In the Run box, type “services.msc” and press Enter.
  3. Now, locate the “Print Spooler” present in the list of services.
  4. Double-click on it to open its properties and then click ‘Stop’ followed by ‘OK’.
  5. Now, it’s time to delete the printer files.
  6. For this purpose, press Windows + E to launch quick access.
  7. After this, click on the option of reading as ‘This PC’.
  8. Further, you need to go to the following path.


  1. After this, press the ‘Continue’ option to open the files in the PRINTERS folder.
  2. Now, close the window and then restart your system.

These steps are applicable on canon mx922 Printer, canon mx920 Printer, canon mg7520 printer.

Solution 2: Do a Full Power Cycle

Doing a full power cycling on your computer is another thing that you can try to come out of this situation. Power cycling means turning off the computer completely and then turning it on again. By doing this, the device regains the default configuration parameters. Also, it recovers from an unresponsive state or module. All the network configurations are also restored when the device is turned off and then turned on. Make sure you turn off the printer, Wi-Fi, as well as the computer. Take out the power cable from all of them and then let them sit idle for up to 5 minutes. After this, plug them again and reconnect it.

Solution 3: Install the latest drivers for your printer

In case the solutions given above don’t fix the issue, then you may try to install the latest drivers for your printer. If after that your printer starts functioning normally, then probably the fault lied with the installed drivers on your device. Sometimes, outdated printer drivers become the cause of the problem and due to this, you cannot give the print commands to your printer. To download the latest drivers, you may navigate to the official website of Canon and enter your model number to find out the latest drivers. If nothing of this sort works, the option you are left with is contacting the team of Canon Printer Support.

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