Canon Wireless Printer Setup- Easy guide to setup canon printer

Canon Wireless Printer Setup– Easy guide to setup canon printer

We know that there are many brands of the printers that are available in the market and amongst them, the Canon wireless printer is one of the promising printers that helps you and makes your work easy. The canon printer is well-known for a high-quality printer that is known for printing at a very high-end quality printing service. It is very much essential to set up a wireless printer setup once you purchase a wireless printer from the market.

Canon wireless printer setup

If you wish to know how to canon printer setup for any model of Canon printer such as canon printer ts3122, canon Pixma printer, canon mg2522 printer, canon mg3620 printer, canon mx490 printer, canon ts3122 printer then it can be carried out by following the set of instructions carefully.  The cannon printer setup is used to connect the printer to a wireless connection. if this connection is established then there is an advantage of printing anywhere from the device.

If you have saved a file on the devices and it needs to be printed then we recommend you choose the file and get it printed. If you wish to setup the canon printer on your Mac operating system, Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or on your android phone. You can download the “Canon Print App”  and tap on the printer wireless to connect the button along with the information stored on your device.

What are the different methods for the canon printer wifi setup?

There are just two methods to use the canon wireless printer setup that are via WPS and standard connection. When a user wishes to setup the canon printer any of these methods can be used to establish the connection. Just make sure that the canon printer is capable of connecting with the Internet before you proceed.

  1. First of all, turn on the canon printer and place the router nearby and tap on the WPS button.
  2. Hold on the Wi-fi button on the printer till it’s switched on.
  3. Once waiting for 2 minutes you need to hit the WPS button.
  4. While searching the network blue WI-Fi light blinks on.
  5. Once connected to the wireless network just power and wi-fi lights are still on.
  6. To check the connectivity, just try to print a page from the canon printer.
  7. Just put the sheets into the printer and check the printer works properly.

Canon Standard Connection Method: If the router does not have a WPS feature then you can easily use the method. Here are the guidelines when a user wants to know how to setup the Canon printer by this useful method.

What Are The Network Settings You Need To Consider For The Canon Wireless Printer Setup?

  1. You need to connect the computer to the printer for the network settings.
  2. You have to load the input tray with the papers.
  3. Press and hold the resume or cancel button for a few seconds.
  4. In the printout of the information page, just check the connection status.
  5. You need to verify the network name also for any connection error.

What Are The Initial Preparations You Need To Do For The Canon Wireless Printer Setup?

  1. Make sure that the printer is switched on and connected for setup.
  2. Just check if the required drivers are installed on the system.
  3. Connect the printer to the printer and check the speed.
  4. Make sure you need to connect the computer and printer to the router.

What Are The Steps For The Canon Wireless Printer Setup For Windows OS?

  1. Tap on the “Start” button and go to the “Settings” option.
  2. Click the devices in the “Settings” window.
  3. Under this option, tap on the “Printers and scanners” and select the option to add the printer or scanner.
  4. You will add a printer from the list and connect it to the same network as a printer.
  5. By this, you can setup the canon wireless printer setup.

Point to remember: Complete the setup process on your device and remember, when you setup is finished then you will have the option to start utilizing the printer from Windows and canon wireless printer setup is then completed.

What Are The Steps For The Canon Wireless Printer Setup On Mac OS?

  1. First of all, select the “System Preferences” and tap on the “Printers & Scanner”.
  2. Choose the “+” icon to add the printer be it a Windows 10 or Mac OS.
  3. Select the printer from the list and add it from the option available.
  4. Just connect the Mac device and printer to the same network.
  5. Make sure the connection is enabled.

In A Conclusive Viewpoint:

To know more about the canon wireless printer setup or have any other query then get the Canon printer support team aligned to assist you with the best possible solutions. The executives in the customer support of Canon will provide the appropriate assistance to the users. the details of the contact are supported to the users and the available on the official website of Canon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just turn on the Wireless printer and press the right arrow key and tap on the “Setup” button. After this, tap on the network from the Setup menu and choose the wireless setup wizard window from the Network menu. You will see the list of wireless routers, just choose the network (SSID) from the list on screen and follow the instructions available on-screen.

All you need to make sure that the printer is switched on and then press the setup button the printer. Use the “or.” Button to select the wireless LAN setup. Tap on the “Ok” option and you will see the printer will automatically search for a compatible wireless router.

Make sure you know what is the name of your network and your security password. Go to the Printer’s control panel and then to the “Network” menu and tap on the wireless icon after this go to the settings page and choose the “Wireless setup wizard tab.  You will now see wireless setup wizard on-screen with a list of wireless networks.

Tap on the “Hardware and Sound” menu and tap on the “Devices and Printers” option. After this tap on the “Add a Printer” button and then choose the “Local Printer option. Now, select a printer port for your connection from the list of ports and tap on the “Canon printer from the list of available options. You have to choose your printer model from the list.