How does Your Canon Printer Scan with the Access Point Mode?

Printers have indeed changed a lot in commercial as well as professional industries. Giving out the high-quality results to the commanded inputs whether it is printouts or scanned files. Among the industry manufacturing printing devices, Canon printers have been chosen to be one of the highly preferred across the world. With a wide selection of choices offering a good range of features, Canon printers give a strong performance in less time.

Apart from the great output, the company also offers a user-friendly Canon Printer Customer Support for an even better user experience. You can choose from Canon laser printers, all in one printer, inkjet and other options. Regardless of which printer you pick, you will also find scanners in most of the models of the printer. So, while you scan a hard copy or any other doc, check for the instructions provided to avoid any kind of error.

However, if you haven’t paid attention to the instructions or encountered a problem with the scanner, you can fix it by executing some troubleshooting steps. You can also get easy directions by connecting to Canon Printer Technical Support to resolve your issues with your printing device. Or else you can set your print in access point mode to fix the error.

When the printer enters the access point mode, users can use it to scan from any device such as a computer or a smartphone without including an access point.

Make sure you set the access point name of your Canon printer along with all the security settings before you use the printer with the access point mode. Below are the instructions that need to be executed in order to troubleshoot the error.

How do you scan with the access point from the Canon printer?

  1. Plugin and turn the printer on; make sure the printer has required power supply
  • You will see a Setup menu on the screen
  1. A Left-right arrow button will appear to select Access Point mode, then click OK
  • Now your Canon printer will enter in the access point mode
  • If you receive a fax in the access point mode, your printer will automatically cancel the access point request after a certain time and in this case, the printer switches to fax mode
  • You need to set the printer again to the access point mode in order to continue with the same
  1. Connect your computer, Smartphone or any other external device with the printer via wireless LAN
  • If your device does not connect, do the wireless settings with the LAN and the external device, and then name the access point individually for the printer
  1. Attempt to scan on your Canon printer using an external device (PC or Android/ iOS)
  • If the Canon printer doesn’t scan properly or at all, check for the printer driver if it is installed correctly
  • Update your printer driver, if outdated
  • Else, contact to Canon Printer Technical Support to fix the problem
  1. Press the Stop button to end the process and this will exit your printer from the access point mode
    If the problem persists even after following the instructions, you can get help by calling on Canon Printer Toll-free Number, and experts will direct to fix the error.

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