Canon Pixma TS3122 Setup

It is important to acknowledge that the users need to try out the setup process in order to access all the features while using the Canon Pixma ts3122 setup printer. There is a procedure to set up the printer that includes the process to unpack the printer, establishing the power connection, inserting A4 paper, downloading the driver, and then setting up the network connection. In this article, we will learn about the steps to canon ts3122 wireless setup. So, let’s get started!

How to print with canon ts3122 wireless setup?

  1. Turn on the printer using the “Power” button.
  2. Fill the plain sheets in the input tray.
  3. You have to move the guides to the edge of the printer.
  4. Just open the folder from which you wish to print.
  5. Tap the “ctrl+p” keys to open the “Print” dialog box.
  6. Choose the printer name from the list.
  7. Now, set the number of copies by clicking on the “+” sign.
  8. After this put the printed sheets on the output tray.

Canon ts3122- manual wifi setup

  1. Before you start downloading the software, just confirm whether your personal computer has enough internal memory.
  2. All the unwanted cache along with the temporary files from the site to download the driver for the printer.
  3. Select the Driver download option from the site to download the driver.
  4. For the manual procedure, you need to get the PDF copy of the user guide and tap on the “Manual Download” option given on the web page.

Canon ts3122 setup mac

  1. You have to launch the canon Pixma ts3122 setup utility tool on the system.
  2. You need to check the name of the Canon printer which is listed once the tool is opened.
  3. Just check if the printer is in ready-state in order to perform the printer functions.
  4. Place the document on the “Platen” or the ADF.
  5. Verify whether the loaded sheets have folded edges.
  6. Now on the IJ scan tool, tap on the “Auto, Download, or Photo” as per your preference.
  7. Remember, the preview of the document will be displayed on-screen.
  8. Just verify the document and save it for future reference.

Canon ts3122 ink reset

  1. You have to turn off the Power option.
  2. Now, push the power button and hold the “Stop” button.
  3. After this tap on the “Stop” button four times before tapping on the power button twice.
  4. Just reset the cartridges by unplugging the printer power and USB cables.

Canon ts3122 troubleshooting

  1. When you are stuck using the canon Pixma ts3122 setup utility, then you can resolve them by performing the simple troubleshooting steps.
  2. Remember, if the paper jam has occurred inside the printer disconnect the power supply from the canon Pixma ts3122 setup printer.
  3. Pull the paper output tray and open the cover.
  4. Just look below the Fine cartridge holder to check the jammed paper.
  5. Move it to the sides if you see any paper.
  6. Now, pull the jammed paper by holding them with both hands carefully.
  7. Make sure you have moved all the paper.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that through this article you will learn the essentials that are required for the canon Pixma ts3122 setup. However, if you will have queries related to the topic then it is strongly suggested to visit the official website or the customer support team via Canon support website via

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