Fix Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100 on any Canon printer model

Canon is, undoubtedly, one of the most renowned printer brands that are ruling the print industry. Being one of the reputed printing names, Canon makes sure that users do not face any kind of hassle during the operation of their printers. However, you cannot always expect a machine to work in a similar manner as you have expected. And, one of the commonly faced printing errors in this regard is Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100.

Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100

To have a detailed understanding of this error and know the ways to fix it on different printer models, you should read this post till the very end and make sure that you are applying these solutions carefully.

What does Canon PIXMA error code 5100 mean?

Among different error codes and messages, one of the commonly faced error codes is Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100. By showing this error code, the system, as well as the printer, tries to tell you that there is a foreign particle in the printer or there is a small piece of paper stuck in it. Apart from this, this error code would also show up in case there is a problem with the ink carriage.

Some common symptoms of Canon Error Code 5100

Well, there are a lot of tell-tale signs which makes you understand that there is something wrong with your printer. These signs are enough to tell you that your printer needs assistance, and you need to perform some quick solutions to get this problem fixed. But, prior to that, go through the list of symptoms given below:

  • Your Canon printer starts behaving abruptly
  • It would stop responding to your commands
  • You will notice that the power lamp has started to flash
  • Alongside, the alarm lamp will also turn orange
  • The ink cartridges do not stay in their place and would start moving

Reasons why Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Occurs

Among different reasons why you are seeing this error on your screen, the most common reasons are listed below:

  1. The ink cartridge is not properly seated
  2. The ink in the cartridges is completely dried up or of poor quality
  3. There is some jammed paper inside the printer
  4. The printing strip is dirty
  5. The printer drivers have gone corrupted
  6. There are some dust particles stuck inside the printer

Fixing Canon Printer 5100 Error on different models

Service error 5100 Canon MP160

To get this error fixed on your Canon MP160 printer, make sure there is no protective tape on the ink cartridges. To be assured of this, uncover your printer and carefully inspect your printer to see if any such thing has happened.

Canon MP237 Code 5100

The Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100 on a Canon MP237 model generally shows up when the ink cartridges are not properly installed. To get this problem resolved, place the ink cartridges at their respective places and make sure that the cartridges are original and fit in properly.

Canon MX922 Error Code 5100

This error occurs when a user forgets to remove the protective tape/film from the ink cartridges. Therefore, to fix this error, remove the protective film and make sure that there is no jammed paper inside the printer.

Canon MX472 Error 5100

Since this issue is indicative of the problem with the ink cartridges, therefore, you are suggested to make sure that the ink cartridges are properly installed, and you have removed the protective tape from them. Also, take out any jammed paper from it.

Canon MX452 code 5100

As we know that this error is caused due to the improper seating of the ink cartridges; therefore, you should check out their placement and make sure to clean the printing strip by referring to the printer manual.

Canon MX432 Printer Error 5100

To fix this error code on your device, follow these steps:

  • Reinstall the ink cartridges
  • Remove any foreign particle
  • Carefully take off any packaging material of the printer
  • Reset your printer

Canon MP470 Error 5100

If you have checked out all the possible factors that are resultant of this error, then you should try to make sure that there are no leftover paper pieces inside the printer. Also, make sure that the ink cartridges are not dried up.

Canon MP470 Error 5100

Users come across this error when there is a restriction in the ink cartridges. Therefore, you should figure out the main causes of this error and try to find out relevant solutions to this problem.

Canon MP460 error code 5100

If there is some leftover piece of paper inside the printer tray or there is some dust stuck on the printing strip, at that time, you need to make sure that there is no problem with the printer hardware.

Canon IP100 error code 5100

To fix the Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100 on this printer model, follow these steps:

  • Cancel the ongoing print jobs
  • Power off your printer and restart it
  • Inspect for any jammed papers
  • Remove any protective tape from the cartridges

Canon MX495 error code 5100

Look for any obstructions inside the printer and make sure that there are no dust particles stuck on any part of the printer. Also, assure that the ink cartridges are moving freely.

Canon TS3122 error code 5100

If you ever see this error code on your printer, you need to make sure that you know the reason behind it. If you do not know the reason, carefully inspect the whole printer thoroughly and clean it, if necessary.

Canon MX492 error code 5100

To get rid of this error, you need to make sure that no paper is stuck in the printer tray and ensure that you are using only original cartridges to install in the printer.

Canon MX490 error code 5100

At first, you may not know what is causing this error on your printer. However, once you know the actual cause, you’ll be able to fix the issue without any delay. This can be done by removing dust particles and debris from the printer.

Canon MG3020 error code 5100

If you constantly see this error on your printer’s screen, one thing that you can do to fix this error is reset the printer completely or install the latest printer drivers.

Canon MG2922 error code 5100

  • At first, you need to make sure that the printing strip is at its place
  • Also, make sure that there are no dust or debris on this strip
  • Make sure that the ink cartridges are seated at their proper place

Canon MG3022 error code 5100

This error can be gotten rid of by powering off the printer and taking off any dust particles that may be stuck inside any part of the printer. So, make sure that the printer is in proper condition before taking the printout.

Canon service error 5100

The first thing that you should be doing is finding out the cause behind Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100. Once you know the cause, it will become easier for you to get rid of this error. However, you can always do some basic troubleshooting i.e.

  • Reinstalling the printer drivers
  • Removing any jammed papers
  • Clearing off the dust particles
  • Carefully take off the protective tape of the cartridges


We have furnished a whole lot of details on the reasons, symptoms, as well as ways to fix Canon PIXMA Error Code 5100 on different printer models. Just make sure that you apply these basic troubleshooting steps before taking your printer to a technician. In case of severe printing issues, you should carefully inspect the printer and try to figure out the actual reason behind it.

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